Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Mash-Up: Mix two different things together to create a new thing.

Your new assignment involves mixing together the style of two artists: Georges Seurat and
Georgia O'Keefe. Let's find something out about our artists and create a 1-2.graphic organizer for each. Click on the artist, read, take notes and fill in the graphic organizer Copy it into your notebook in the art history section.
Now that you know a little about each artist, let's see how they are alike, how they are different. Make a 3. Venn diagram and copy in your notebook.

PROJECT MASH-UP: Select a picture from the picture box or one of the resource books. Use a view finder to create your original composition. Enlarge on manilla paper keeping the proportions the same. (it should fit on your paper exactly as it fits in the view finder). Once this is complete, transfer your drawing to the white paper with graphite paper.

Once you have completed this process, begin to fill in areas with markers. Use the color wheel to help you create the same colors as your composition. Try to match the colors and shading. This project requires patience and perseverance. See an example: Seurat

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